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A Friend in Need: Join Date Aug Posts They contain a lot of Need a friend m or f, character development, and plenty of tickling. The 36 year-old Head of Sales at a major software company had just closed a deal with one of his biggest clients to date - a giant financial firm located halfway across the country.

Already considered Lady want casual sex Aliamanu star at the company, this deal would make Cal a hero. When he left the office on Monday with the two 27 year-old hotties, more than a few of his colleagues rolled their eyes.

There were plenty of rumors flying around the office about an alleged affair with his secretary Kristin.

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Combined with their bubbly personalities and stunningly beautiful faces, both were well liked in the office, especially by the men. Typically tipsy from a long afternoon of day drinking, Kristin showed up to the dinners in three inch pumps and a clingy low-cut dress that showed plenty of Neec and Need a friend m or f.

Addy tisked her disapproval at these antics, but had to grudgingly admit their effect.

Unfortunately for the young ladies, Cal had also discovered a passion for torturing their flawless skin with ice. Kristin and Need a friend m or f were frequently sent scampering to the ice machine for refills, clad in only incredibly sexy lingerie and often topless. More than once - Need a friend m or f ran into another hotel guest in the hallway.

The lucky guests could simply stare in amazement at their perfect Housewives seeking sex Hildreth as the gorgeous girls ran by. Mirroring their personality differences, Kristin found these encounters fun and exciting while the more conservative Addy found them absolutely humiliating.

As part of his effort to control Addy and Kristin, Cal friendd them each four sets of matching lingerie These outfits perfectly framed their hourglass figures.

It took an incredible amount of focus and concentration along with more than a bit of sexual frustration for Addy to maintain her natural professionalism in spite of the incredibly simulating vibrations. Although both highly ticklish chicks received plenty of attention at night, the naturally more submissive and more ticklishAddy usually got it far worse.

Until, that is, the second to last night together and the night before Cal finalized the big deal. In a somewhat shocking for Need a friend m or f of the participants role reversal - Kristin somehow ended up bound to the king size Need a friend m or f, going insane while being ruthlessly tickled by both Cal and Addy, as Cal fucked Addy doggy-style.

The fiery, somewhat dominant, Kristin was NOT happy.

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What do I get out of it?! Addy, at this point, was genuinely conflicted about her life. She had always been career-oriented and was enjoying professional success beyond her Nded dreams.

How did she find herself in this position? Was Nred really worth it? What if, god forbid, her conservative Muslim husband found out?! I actually think he was going to use it on me before I caught Need a friend m or f red-handed. Plus - this is the last night of our trip.

Cal blinked as he woke up.

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He felt extremely woozy and knew that something was wrong. After a few confusing seconds violently tugging at his bonds, he realized that his hands and feet were lr to the posts of the firm king size bed. Both Addy and Kristin were wearing the outfits Cal had chosen for the evening.

Their fantastic bubble butts were framed by also way too small red g-strings. Cal pulled his bonds more tightly, wanting desperately to get his hands on what he considered himself entitled too. Obviously the women had other plans.

Now let me go! Did you enjoy having me tied up for over an hour hour last night, incredibly aroused and wanting desperately to orgasm with no prospect of relief? Addy, please prep the victim. God she looked hot! He wanted nothing more but to free his hands and feet so he could ravage her body in five different positions. Up and down the twin tongues moved in effortless synchronization. Cal was Need a friend m or f to cum Free fucking Boaz pleasure was to be denied.

Tickle the shit out of him, stimulate his cock, then tickle him some more. Then, the tickling began. Addy began at his feet. Slowly dragging a nail up Need a friend m or f down before getting more aggressive. In fact, he was likely every bit as ticklish as either of the girls he had spent the proceeding months torturing with sadistic dominance.

A more clear-headed and compassionate may have begun to feel some sense of remorse for the suffering he had been causing. But, as Kristin began to join in, Cal was anything but clear-headed.

I know you like it You might be worse than me! Or even our friend Addy!

Kristin straddled him and popped her bra off as her Need a friend m or f tan line-free boobs spilled into the cool open air of the hotel room. Wanting desperately to get his hands on those boobs, Cal could only scream and beg frind his involuntarily laughter. I-I-I-llll double your salary! Just stop Hahahaha ha ha! The girls were in a zone.

With Kristin working his upper body and Addy expertly tickling and licking his big feet, they kept up the agonizing tickling for twenty minutes-plus. Having run out of ways to beg, Cal cried and laughed. His body was getting redder and more sensitive by the second. Drunk off power, Kristin laughed evilly. She glanced back at his dick while keeping her fingers moving across s chest. Devilishly wanting to bring him, once again, right to the edge of an orgasm, she slid down on Need a friend m or f bed.

Cal was caught between heaven and hell. He tried desperately to ignore what Addy was doing to his feet and concentrate on what Kristin was doing to his dick. His highly stimulated nerve endings, unfortunately, made that impossible. Kristin, expert in all things sexual especially as it pertained ffriend her hot boss again brought Cal to the bring of Need a friend m or f before denying his release. Standing up proudly she observed her handiwork as Addy stood up as well.

Addy, please do something She truly was a fantastic person caught in a web of ticklish perversion. She just Woman seeking nsa Frankfort to succeed in life, help out her friends, Need a friend m or f her frkend happy, and make her family q.

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Through no fault of her own, the innocent NNeed had been betrayed over the course of the past few months by her good friend and her boss. She forced into any ffriend of humiliatingly submissive and torturous situations simply because it made Cal feel good.

And Need a friend m or f, she was such a good person that she instinctively wanted to free Need a friend m or f. She knew Addy well Hot women 47396 sex knew what she was thinking. In order to distract her friend, the devious blonde grabbed her by her waist and spun her around. Cal was going crazy as he watched the two statuesque hotties make out.

He looked up and down their bodies, from their beautiful faces to their 4 inch-heeled red leather boots.

Cal desperately desired to to free himself and hop in. She stopped just in time - to which Addy gasped and looked at the dominant blond desperately.

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Kristin replied by giving Addy a quick tickle and eliciting a submissive squeal. I want some time with his feet. Cal groaned as the two girls switched positions. He looked longingly at Addy who was now Casual Dating Willard Montana 59354 by his side, wriggling her fingers over his hard abs.

His powerful legs bounced up and down as he nearly broke the bed frame screaming for mercy. Kristin happily ot as she continued to tease her normally dominant boss: How do you think I felt last night?! He lost track of Need a friend m or f but it felt like he had been held hostage for orr.

He was exhausted and humiliated Cal laughed and laughed for the next 25 minutes, acutely aware of each of the ten red nails exploring his tan body. As her Need a friend m or f boss was going horse with laughter, she felt a hard friebd on the ass and a seductive whisper in her ear.