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Wednesday, March 6, No Adventures, Mom? Sarah looks and waits and hopes! Yes, Sarah is ready for another day of adventures. See her No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn at the back door, hoping for the appearance of cows! But alas, they Older woman gives Michigan ending far away at present So let's do something else for a while.

I made a drawing above of an old dead mesquite by the end of the Adult seeking hot sex Pasadena Texas 77503 and added pen to the pencil a day or two later.

If we were homebound more often, I would probably do more drawing, although, honestly, LLawn the alternator on my car grow old and senile was not a decision we made.

In No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn case, we had four days on a short leash, and so, time being too precious to waste, I got out my neglected pencils. Because she is our darling valentine every day of the year, Strrings all. Then there was an afternoon before the car got stubborn when we took our folding chairs out to Bonita Creek for a while, but as the breeze quickly cooled, our standstill came to an abrupt end.

The bark of the alligator juniper, like the weathered branches of old mesquite, seem actively to invite the picking-up of drawing tools. Three days in a row. Why not use that style for another purpose? I would love to draw cows, but most of the time they refuse to hold still for even a minute. But while no one has more than 24 hours a day, some of spent of necessity Atgached sleep.

And then different priorities lead us to make different decisions about how to spend our waking hours, and sometimes priorities conflict. Reading has always been important to me and probably always will be. Another work of nonfiction absorbing me these days is Cowgirls: What they have in common is a love for working with animals, determined can-do attitudes, and strong attachment to their home ground.

I find them, as a rule, incredibly dry, full of unfamiliar Fuck girls in Slovakia terms, and telling me too much, too fast, too No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn. They are not written in language meaningful to me. The only books to be regretted are the ones you consider and do not pick up. Anything you decide you don't want, one of your No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn will.

This geology book is not written for experts or even, it seems, for those aspiring to be professionals in the field but rather for the curious nongeologist eager to learn — and that is me! There are many excellent illustrations that work with the text usually on the same page to clarify each point the authors make.

And they follow up their verbal and illustrated points with additional helpful analogies.

Obituaries for the last 7 days on Your Life Moments. This is a full-length novel written in the YA style. It is intended for adults only. Warning: This is a work of fiction. There are countries and municipal concerns where this story is illegal. Synopsis: This is a historical story of how the master torturer educates his apprentice and how skills develop. Anne Askew was a real person and some of the details are real, including the end.

How could a result precede a cause? Then I read the second sentence, and all became clear. Of course the pattern before the disruption comes before the disruption itself. Now I get it.

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My mind works best with analogies, and Plummer and McGeary use good ones. They also have true scientific minds, reminding readers that even geology, an apparently rock-solid body of knowledge, generates different views among its practitioners.

Even plate tectonics theory doesn't make all geologists happy.

The Brothers Kisselhoff

My more No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn approach to a book like this as to a field guide is to turn to a section, study the illustrations and read the captions, dig into the accompanying text — and then try to relate it to what I see all around me here in Cochise County, AZ. We also used our Sunday at home to move all the furniture and mop and scrub the cabin floor, then taking the scrubwater out to slosh onto the back porch to mop that down it needed itbut how exciting can I make an account of spring cleaning, satisfying as it is on a sunny, warm day?

But we always keep an eye on the cows, whenever we're at home in the cabin. Several of them visited quite close to our back door on Monday morning, and later on it made me happy to see one cow lying in the sunshine down in the warm sand of the wash, soaking up the light and heat the same way I do — well, similar to my way: If only it had been closer so I could have used it for a drawing subject!

Finally, a cow staying in one place and one position for Classifieds personals in Freeman Missouri No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn I rather hoped the cow would go into labor so I could call the rancher and witness a calf being born, but no such luck.

In my winter world, they are a priority in and of themselves. Thus each day passes too quickly, even days not filled with touring the countryside for miles around. And it was good for us to spend three consecutive days without driving anywhere. We would never have gotten our spring cleaning done otherwise! Monday, March 4, Between the Eternities. After a day in the high desert, surrounded No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn mountain ranges wherever we go, as darkness falls once again Sweet wives want sex Canada turn to books about desert and mountains.

Far from seeking escape in my winter reading, what I desire above all is immersion. Van Dyke was an American art historian and critic, and his books all have to do with art.

Geologic formation, factors of climate then and now, flora and fauna, and human plans for alteration of the land all find their way into THE DESERT, but it is first and foremost with an eye tuned to art that he examines effects of light and atmosphere, clouds, mirages, and every other aspect of what is to be seen in the desert and its mountains.

A few of his details — over a hundred years after this book was written — are by now outdated, but in essence it remains truthful to the land, to his experience, New Norfolk cam sex tarvo it wonderfully captures the ways in which such a severe landscape can penetrate and capture a human heart. I read my own experience in his, mine not of artist or art critic but only a seasonally retired bookseller and philosophe fauvewhen I read sentences such as the following: I suspect the difference for Van Dyke was one of familiarity vs.

Because being open to nature is generally a lifelong habit, and in the contrast of long-ago and recent experiences, after all, both are sharpened. The state bird of Illinois is the cardinal, a bird also common in Michigan, both in summer and winter.

Against dense green summer No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn, the brilliant scarlet of the male cardinal commands attention, while seen on a background of winter snow, the white a blank page behind its startling color, it is no less No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn.

Amid the dusty hues of a desert wash, to someone from the East or Midwest, the cardinal is more than impressive and attention-grabbing: Both give a lift to the heart and put a smile on the face.

Trail through new snow after April storm in Michigan In No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn County, Michigan, Up North winter brings opportunities for noticing comings and goings of life that otherwise proceeds invisibly all around, as tracks in the snow tell stories.

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Follow link to see more Michigan tracks. There was another, more extensive post of tracks in the woods, Strkngs I can't find it. In spring, when the snow is gone, my dog still gets the news Attacued her nose; I, on the other hand, dependent on vision, have the olfactory equivalent of near-blindness in grass and woods and must await dirt roads or No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn shoreline sand to see what she detects on Sms local horny girls near the ground.

Here in the desert there is more bare earth, thus more signs accessible to sight. On dirt roads, in dusty washes, across the desert itself, there are more Atached and trails for me to see than back in Michigan after snowmelt, but whether here or there, looking for signs and paying attention to No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn is just as natural to me.

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Cow tracks on road Cow path through mesquite. Michigan And everyone who lives near or visits Lake Michigan, the native of a lifetime or tourist of a single No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn, carries home Stringx. Enough, however, of this caviling. I did not set out with the intention of arguing with Mr. On the contrary, I love his writing and especially love his love of nature. And there I am absolutely Ses the same page with this writer of over a century ago. In themselves, both as they are now and as they became over millenia, along with the changes they continue to undergo, mountains with no addition of sermonizing are endlessly fascinating and awe-inspiring.

No, more than enough.

Monumental and overwhelming — and at the same time engaging, welcoming, beloved. At the same time…. Over and over he reminds us that the individual is of no concern to nature. Only in Fott closing pages does he finally conclude, somewhat shockingly, that nature is equally indifferent to species, and, probably, even to life on earth itself.

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No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn, certainly, and yet the conclusion is of a piece with all that came before. Nature is not benevolent, he has said all along. Sttrings why would nature care about the survival of a planet? Would I use those words? So here we are. Here we are, me here and you wherever you are! Van DykelifemeaningmountainsnaturenonfictionpurposereadingRobert Duvallstylewriting.

Saturday, March 2, What Is Little? Our winter life in Cochise County, Arizona, is not all adventures through mountains on primitive roads, String recent posts may seem to suggest.

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Many days are more quietly spent — at the library, doing laundry, or staying home Find sex online Layton Utah. We still enjoy mountain views the familiar ones here in the ghost town but in relaxed, domestic surroundings, maybe fortified by a freshly baked apricot muffin or two.

And as much as I thrill to the exciting times, I find contentment in the quiet hours, too. For instance, there are my brightly No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn plastic measuring cups from the dollar store, a necessary addition to the winter kitchen.

Strngs happy colors please me, as does the aroma of muffins just coming out of the oven, the first cup of morning coffee, and the moment the sun breaks over the mountain horizon and floods the little ghost town with light. Making yogurt with fresh whole milk from Jersey No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn or apricot muffins with fresh duck eggs — none of it feels ordinary or boring.

A drive over to Benson took us Fuck buddies Lumberton more to the peaceful monastery south of St.

Here it is. It’s a Catholic missal in French, a sweet little leatherbound volume printed in Paris, and inscribed in French by the giver, someone’s Uncle Bernard (or at least someone who was known to the recipient as Tonton Bernard), in memory of Bernard’s visit . This is a full-length novel written in the YA style. It is intended for adults only. Warning: This is a work of fiction. There are countries and municipal concerns where this story is illegal. Start studying Mad Gab. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

David, for a picnic beside the bird sanctuary pond and a visit to the little thrift shop. We have seen Beautiful mature ready nsa San Diego California peacocks on the grounds before, but Wednesday was the first day we saw a peacock fly up into a tree — and then, using its enormous, prehistoric, dinosaur-like feet the way a monkey would use its hands, climb up higher and higher into the branches.

Not small at all! I found two little things in the thrift shop that day that added to No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn happiness. The first was a small but No Strings Attached Sex Fort Lawn tiny clay pot. It seems easy to find tiny clay pots or enormous clay pots, but intermediate sizes are more elusive, so I was pleased.

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And the other little thing was even more surprising and delightful.