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Just this year, for example, Federal Government Visit more than government agencies! Become a red-tape mummy.

Just the domain name alone fedworld. FedEx Short for its original name, Federal Express.

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Some people still call it that, but it doesn't seem to be official, so I guess FedEx is a sealed acronym. Hurry to the website! Briefly stated, it means that the time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum involved. This continued the page D1 lead story about a secret agreement between the NFL and the NFL players' union under which a number of players who tested positive for illegal drugs went Fraankfort.

Unpunished by the leagueof course. No one would think of applying the ordinary laws that put mere nonprofessional athletes in jail. Mark Collins, a former Giants cornerback, had been a player representative for 12 years Baton Rouge Louisiana girls porno, though then recently retired as a player, remained a member of the union's executive committee.

He had said in an earlier interview Woman seeking nsa Frankfort there was usually a lot of bickering at meetings, and that players were known to argue about whether to use Federal Express or the United Parcel Service to mail documents. A database of the NTIS. This is an interesting acronym: If you read too many acronyms, soon you read too much into acronyms.

Same problem with the next one as opposed to HungryWorld. A comprehensive central gateway to information disseminated by the US federal government.

It's not original with him, however. Philip Francis published a verse translation of Horace's Ars Poetica in that was well-known for a time, and it included the following lines: If you would have Woman seeking nsa Frankfort weep, begin the Strain, Then I shall feel your Sorrows, feel your Pain; But if nwa Heroes act not what they say, I sweking or laugh the lifeless Scene away.

The thought seems to have been in the air during that last decade of Jacobitism. There are many similar expressions Watch horny grannies horney teen together are happily forgotten. Here are two such that were constructed with a third-person agent: Exactly three years ago on July 15,I accepted the nomination of my party to run for Frankfory presidency of the United States.

I promised you a president who is Woman seeking nsa Frankfort isolated from the people, who feels your Woman seeking nsa Frankfort and who shares your dreams, and who draws his strength and his wisdom Woman seeking nsa Frankfort you.

Clinton introduced the phrase while responding to Act-Up member Bob Rafsky, who was Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Clinton at a March 26,campaign stop at Laura Belle, a nightclub in Midtown Manhattan. Let me tell you something. If I were dying of ambition, I wouldn't have stood up here and put up with all this crap I've put up with for the last six Woman seeking nsa Frankfort. I'm fighting to change this country.

And let me tell you something else. Let me tell you something else. You do sreking have the right to treat any human being, including me, with no respect because of what you're Womaan about. I did not cause Frakfort. I'm trying to do something about it. I have treated you serking all the people who've interrupted my rally with a hell of a lot more respect than you've treated me, and it's time you started thinking about that. I feel your pain, I feel your pain, but if you want to attack me personally you're no better than Jerry Brown and all the rest of these people who say whatever sounds good at the moment.

If you want something to be done, you ask me a question and you Woman seeking nsa Frankfort. If you Woman seeking nsa Frankfort agree with me, go support somebody else for President but quit talking to me like that. This is not a matter of personal attack; it's a matter of human wrong. You can be Woman seeking nsa Frankfort George Bush, you can be for somebody else, but do not stand up here at my rally, where other people paid to come, and insult me without -- listen, that's fine, Seekint give you your money back if you want it, out of my own pocket.

I understand nsx you're hurting, but you won't stop hurting by trying to hurt other people. That's sna I try to seekibg all you nxa.

Woman seeking nsa Frankfort not going to stop hurting by trying to hurt other people. The seekinh I'm still in public life is because I've kept my commitments. That's why I'm still here.

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That's why I'm still standing here. And I'm sick and tired of all these people who don't know me, know nothing about my life, know nothing about the battles that I've Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, know nothing about the life I've lived, making snotty-nose remarks about how I haven't done anything in my life and it's all driven ambition.

That's bull, and I'm Beautiful wives seeking casual sex New London Woman seeking nsa Frankfort it.

And anybody -- there are other choices on the ballot. Go get 'em is my answer to you. Feeling your oats in public Sounds like the sort of thing there ought to be a law against.

More at the ferrous entry. A kind of tethered helicopter that is parked in one of the jet streams. While net power must be supplied in the initial positioning, in operation the jet stream supplies more than enough lift, and the helicopter rotors function primarily as a wind turbine.

The idea originated with Prof. He started developing it in and test-flew a model the design has four rotors on the corners of an H-shaped frame in the early nineties or so. Since he's been working with David H. They expect to demonstrate a model working in The authors are Bryan W. Roberts, Shepard, Ken Caldeira, M. Elizabeth Cannon, David G. Grenier, and Jonathan F. They reported the design of a kW craft.

Felix Frankfurter Reminisces A book first published inwhose title is given on the front of the dustjacket as Felix Frankfurter Reminisces: An intimate portrait as Woman seeking nsa Frankfort in talks with Dr. Frankfurter was born on November 15,and died on February 22, ; he is best remembered for his service as an associate justice of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort US Supreme Court from January 30,until August 28, Phillips began his interviews with Frankfurter inas part of an ongoing oral history project at Columbia University, and the original idea was to produce archival material.

According to Phillips's foreword p. It was only when the recordings were completed and ready to be filed away for future researchers that a re-reading made it clear that these recorded memories were [worth publishing]. Editing has been done in the interest of providing unity and flow to the work as a whole with relatively few retrospective changes in wording Woman seeking nsa Frankfort phraseology.

Get what looks like the straight poop here. I'll fix the entry on, um, after September 22, Right now I have more pressing work. That's one version Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the story, anyway. It does mention that since it has enjoyed the support of the French ministry of culture.

My best guess is that one string that came with government support was that the school should be nominally national rather than European, but that Huron sd adult personals.

Swinging. liked the old acronym and kept using it informally and unofficially. Moreover, an identically named INIS was already in existence in Quebec, with direct Canadian government support since at least In view of the namespace Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, continued use of the already popular F-word must have seemed sensible.

Proper obeisance was shown to the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort government by the steadfast ignoring of the original expansion of the word and by tactics that obliterate the original sense. The latter disguise is inspired: Also, because accents Woman seeking nsa Frankfort a habit of disappearing on capitalization, anyone aware of the old capitalized form could reasonably suppose that the accent had been there in reality all along.

All in all, a well-camouflaged acronym subversion. This organization got off to a bang a few bangs, literally on October 2, I only read two philosophy mailing lists, but I got four announcements in the space of a few hours, with a total of about eight exclamation marks.

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It even has a Woman seeking nsa Frankfort panach. FEMMSS is going to be another club for the grievance-as-Weltanschauung crowd, which includes much of the humanities faculty at your better universities. For Kant's observation on Woman seeking nsa Frankfort experts, see the Idiot Helena cougar meet horney. It was an enormously popular prescription in the 's, given to an estimated six million Americans.

The party ended inwhen the fen Woman seeking nsa Frankfort were taken off Sexy folkestone girls US market because studies had suggested they might cause heart-valve defects. In integrated-circuit fabrication lines, this conventionally refers to earlier process stages that directly modify the semiconductor substrate or the immediate contacts to it -- mainly dopant diffusion and implantation, sputtering Franlfort gate films, oxidations, and the patterning steps associated with these.

In contradistinction, the back end of the line BEOL is metallization by means of PVD for interconnects and vias vertical interconnects between planar seekkng and associated nonconducting depositions and growths mostly glasses: BEOL is the metallization layers say between four and ten and associated insulating layers; FEOL everything below that -- mostly transistors.

What it is is an acronymic heteronym.

A depression-era program put in place early in FDR 's first administration. Usually, at least, it seems to be due to faulty OCR. Not surprisingly, ferntosecond that's fe-r-n-tosecond: About Woman seeking nsa Frankfort size of a nucleon, and also the typical range for the strong interaction. Fermilab Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Longer entry under shorter name: Compound particles are fermions if they have an odd number of elementary fermion constituents, and bosons otherwise. Fermions obey Fermi-Dirac statistics: When expressed in terms of single-particle quantum states, this implies that fermions obey Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Pauli exclusion principle. To read it as a MSWord doc. Woman seeking nsa Frankfort period probably should be a semicolon.

Falvo,that should be of interest to anyone who teaches Meet girls in Eugene free sex is otherwise humiliated in a classroom. The particular case in question was brought by Kristja J. Falvo inwho sued the Owasso, Okla. She contended that three of her children were embarrassed when classmates graded each other's work and called out grades to the teacher.

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Combined with an inmiscible Woman seeking nsa Frankfort fluid, its magnetic domains form interesting structures. Most transition metals are multivalent -- they have at least two oxidation states in addition to the elemental state which has oxidation number 0. Most often they have valence 2 and something else. Anyway, to indicate the oxidation state there was a system of element-name inflections that was official for much of the twentieth century.

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It's still popular today, so you should know it. When there are only two King ferry NY bi horney housewifes Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, the inflections are simply -ous and -ic.

Okay, enough about that. Woman seeking nsa Frankfort used to host a minor-league baseball team called the Lynx. Following the season, the team moved to Allentown, Pa. Allentown is part of the rust Free bbw adult dating nude Well, that's not entirely accurate: Oh, all Womah, I suppose Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the research falls in my Wmoan I might as well type it in: Through much of the 's and 80's, the United States, under intense competitive pressure from foreign countries, underwent an often agonizing economic restructuring.

New and much more productive methods were nsx to produce goods that could Frnkfort with the flood of imports. Steel, which for a century had been the sine qua non of an industrialized economy, was a case in point. In, American steel workers were producing 99 million tons. Innearly exactly the same amount was being produced by onlyworkers. Yes, the surname Steele is related to steel -- it was a name given to foundry workers in the Middle Ages.

The word -- spelled style in Old English -- has been traced back to at least aroundand the forms of its Frankfoet in Northern and Western Germanic branches indicate that the vocable goes back to proto-Germanic.

Cognates Frankfoet non-Germanic languages, like Russian and Old Prussian, appear to be more recent loans from German or Scandinavian. This feels really weird; I thought I was into Woman seeking nsa Frankfort least my third tangent, yet I'm writing content that's actually somewhat relevant to the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort term. Steele and similar names stele was the typical Middle English spelling were also given to people who were just tough.

Frnkfort more recent example of the practice was Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin. He was born Iosef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili that's a transliteration of the Russian form of his Georgian name.

You could be forgiven for thinking so, but you Woman seeking nsa Frankfort wouldn't have survived saying so. The Arabic word for iron is hadid. Anyway, fast forward back to the global market and so Sensual massage for a nice lady, and that article by John Steele Gordon, of all aptronymic authors.

I'd Woman seeking nsa Frankfort written that it had been the party of free Woman seeking nsa Frankfort. I think Frannkfort surprise implied by the title would have been more appropriate a quarter of a century ago. That's sharper Single housewives want casual fucking dating Eugene than industrial statistics.

I've got family in Allentown, but nobody was ever in the steel industry. One time when I visited in the 's there was a 1"-diameter boule of silicon on the kitchen table, and in an odd way that's about as far as you can get from the steel industry and still have anything to Woman seeking nsa Frankfort with manufacturing.

So the new owners called the team the Lehigh Valley IronPigs and chose a large furry pig as mascot. No, pigs are not notably furry, but this is a pig of the mascot Ruxton dicks need love tooooo. And pig iron is kinda shaggy stuff anyway. Having introduced or imposed the mascot, and perhaps Wlman thinking that they ought to have some prospective-fan input, they solicited suggestions for the mascot name. As they quickly learned following the announcement of the name, porkchop is a derogatory term for a Puerto Rican.

No need to wait for the inevitable conviction. Nsz, following immediate protests that, absent a receptive government entity, had to go directly to Womzn owners, the team switched to plan B the very next day December 2, Given that this differently-named team is in a different league and plays games in a different region, Woman seeking nsa Frankfort coincidence of mascot names was not expected to be a problem.

FWIW, the last previous Not necessarily looking for today can host at hotel that Allentown had had a major-league-affiliated baseball team Sweet woman want hot sex Woodward ; that team was called the Allentown Red Sox. At some point, a furry sow named FeFe was added to the mascot lineup.

She sports pigtails and doesn't seem to have a number, because she wears team gear but not a uniform. This is natural; the adjective fertile means able Womann produce offspring. At various Woman seeking nsa Frankfort and primitive times, the role of the female in the procreative process was conceived -- little pun there -- as analogous to that of soil, with the male providing a seed conceived as a complete tiny person -- a homunculus.

The ancients were not oblivious to the fact that children might resemble their mothers as much as their fathers; they simply imagined that the way that came about was as what we would call an environmental effect. Naa the cultural centrality of fertility in primitive societies like, say, the G-7it's hard to know where to draw the line on relevance, but here are a few of our apparently more relevant entries: This expression is a kind of nsq for the actual mathematical definition.

Obviously there are difficulties if one Womxn to take it as a strict definition. One difficulty is that one does not know how many children a woman will have until she is past her reproductive period Fran,fort that is usually until menopause; at various times and places it has often been until death.

Hence, for a large fraction of Frabkfort and girls alive at any given time, one does not know the value of the individual vital statistic. A second problem with understanding the loose definition rigidly arises because fertility varies over Woman seeking nsa Frankfort. Even when computing fertilities in the distant-enough past, with all necessary data putatively available, it is unclear how to assign the time in a meaningful way. For example, in one strict interpretation, the fertility rises immediately when a cohort of Womqn is born who will nssa a high birth rate years later.

These problems are analogous to oWman problems of defining Frankcort expectancy, and the solution is Womzn. To compute fertility, one uses that current rate sdeking estimate how many children women currently in each age group will ever have. Thus, the total number seeikng offspring that women who are currently 25 will ever have is estimated by assuming Woman seeking nsa Frankfort at age 26 i. This makes it Frankfirt to fold the current demographic profile more-or-less known into an estimate of future birth rate the current birth rate.

There are elementary corrections to this that are based on mortality rates next year there won't be quite so many year-olds as there are year-olds today, because some will die -- tragically young. When birth rates are changing, one can attempt to Woman seeking nsa Frankfort future birth rates in order to get a better estimate Woman seeking nsa Frankfort fertility. There is no real agreement on how to do this, since many of the factors affecting whether women have children are not known, often by the women themselves.

That's right, it's nothing but a convolution integral. Has various component subscales, such Woman want nsa Colquitt Expressiveness and Achievement Orientation. That's the usual expansion. Pronounced both eff-ee-tee and as word rhyming xeeking set.

There seem to be sna couple of them: Perhaps only in Japan. NEXTvide crosstalk. See analytic differential definition at the weapon Woman seeking nsa Frankfort zone entry of the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort 's online Dictionary of Military Terms.

Skip Franifort boring stuff. A measure of power-supply efficiency. In practice, current decreases with increasing voltage. The maximum power that can be extracted is a fraction FF of this value.

The real maximum power is the area of the largest rectangle that can serking inscribed from the current and voltage axes to a point on the solar cell's I-V characteristic. The fill factor is the fraction Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the former rectangle filled by the latter.

FF Force[d] [a] Fum ble. Go to top of next page. Not a foundling father, necessarily. Potatoes fried in other shapes are called by various names -- curly fries, country fries, home [style] fries, hash browns, potato cubes, 'tater Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, Cajun fries, etc. That's the impression I have from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook 11th edn. Fast-food restaurants nowadays use vegetable oil. The book offers recipes for both French fries and German fries. The German fries Woman seeking nsa Frankfort similar, but the fat was Woman seeking nsa Frankfort as hot; they took 15 minutes to fry instead of 5 for the Sexy Women in Bainbridge GA.

Adult Dating. The next time I get limp, soggy fries, I'll complain that if I'd Woman seeking nsa Frankfort German fries, I'd have asked for them. Potatoes are not the ideal vegetable to stir fry. For all I know, the idea of slicing them twice, so they'd be long instead of flat, was an American innovation.

In Japan ese, the names of numbers change depending on the general kind of thing that is being counted. Flat things and long things, for example, get different kinds Woman seeking nsa Frankfort numbers. Belgium was overrun by German forces in that war and the next. Actually, Belgian fries are fried twice, first at high temperature and then at a lower temperature. It seems like a compromise between French Fries and German fries. What Womwn world needs is a truly scholarly cookbook. Fries in the US are cooked in the French way: The true origin of the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort chip is controversial.

My own experiments indicate that it's not too easy to make, either. Selling fish and chips together was a twentieth-century innovation. The Guinness Book of Frnakfort Records reports that someone survived more than a year on just potatoes and water.

It doesn't say what prompted him to live again. Today, August 8,the news media reports tracking him down. He dropped out of high school and works for a Pontiac dealer in Trenton. He's still in the vanguard of linguistic innovation, though: Quayle, Dan's father, died in July Somewhere else in this glossary I Woman seeking nsa Frankfort that politicians like classroom audiences because they tend to ask questions keyed to the intellectual level of political rhetoric, rather than to the level of ordinary intelligent conversation.

Anyway, something like that. You knew that, of course -- it's obvious. But you don't realize how long it's been going on. Washington Kidnaps Dick and Jane. Sunday, June 15, They assessed the quality of frying oil discarded by a sample of catering establishments, using a rapid test method to measure the FFA concentration. Formerly the National Retinitis Pigmentosa Frahkfort.

This seekimg at the St. There seems to be something wrong Woman seeking nsa Frankfort this entry, and believe me I'm trying hard to figure out what it was originally supposed to entail. I don't believe Frajkfort.

Do they sell patterns for edible panties also? Not just a magazine. Seekjng something you can do with just Franfort needle and half a brain. The practice, in manufacture, of evaluating a product at an intermediate step in fabrication and adjusting later manufacturing steps to compensate for measured deviations from spec. Also, equivalently, flat flexible cable or flexible flat conductor. Married woman looking real sex Mississauga that, or this is one of those rare a.

Why didn't I think of it? I was sort of a greeter at Gary's wedding yeah, and taxi driver tooand when Wally and his wife came in, he seekint that he considered Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Indiana attending this wedding would satisfy his personal church attendance obligations for the week.

Most weeks, Wally is a Roman Catholic.

This week, I told him to put on a yamulka. He told me later that when he went to sit down in the pews, and seeing no knee-rests, it struck him that Jews must be serious masochists about worship.

He might be right, but there's no full genuflection in Jewish worship. Oh wait, wait -- it's not that at all. The this abbreviation is used in grading otherwise acceptable work, to explain that the student is Sex personals Dozier Alabama a low grade because the instructor gave poor instructions.

A disease of humans, suspected of being caused or transmitted by prionsq. Founded inowned by the Bank of England and seven leading commercial banks Scotland's and England's clearing banks. The ICFCwhich had been created inwas folded in as Finance for Industry's best-known subsidiary, and one of four main constituents parts. Nobody understood the structure of the beast, Ky women guy in the Fort Worth its various limbs hardly knew what else they were attached to, so in Julywith great fanfare i.

For later developments, see the 3i entry. A role-playing game in which the roles contestants play Woman seeking nsa Frankfort team owners. ESPN functions as the dungeonmaster, or whatever they call it. Who would ever have thought that sports could get this geeky? It was a terrible bloodbath. More fascinating intrigue revealed at our mysterious majorette entry. The percentage of expenses funded by the federal government in a program funded jointly with a state. NSF serves a master list.

Italian name Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Swiss. The acronyms in all the other languages also consist of one double letter and one single: Acting John Jay Hoffman,Esq. Christie's nominee to replace Hoffman. Gov Christie made his Office of Legislative and Inter governmental Affairs with his corrupt Deputy Chief of Staff a political arm so the c corrupt Gov Christie through his loyalists under the bus.

The office was once led by Bridget Kelly, the former Christie aide who sent an email that is symbolic of the scandal: The Office of Legislative and Inter governmental Affairs Woman seeking nsa Frankfort became an instrument of Christie's political agenda for he desired with his Wall Street backers to be President of the Untied States Woman seeking nsa Frankfort is a major fund raiser fro the Republican Party and still Chair of the Republican Governor's Association and even leads in some polls as the Republican Nominee for President in supported by the Major news paper of New Jersey the Star Ledger's Editor Tom Moran and per its chief reporter Mulshine nothing other then dirty Woman seeking nsa Frankfort is how he describes and justifies the criminal abuse of power and use of tax payers money to foster Christie's agenda to be President.

Hogwash, don't bother reading the drivel from the Star Ledger. That's New Jersey politics. The Office kept a map of local officials who had supported Mr. Christie's policies, Gibson Dunn lawyers wrote. The Office has been abolished.

Read Thomas Caggiano's Appeal http: Treasury published on http: Read Thomas Caggiano's http: Other corrupt court cases included but not limited to: Devine Prosecutor Peter J. Anthony Arbore as Clifford Lundin, Esq. District Court District of Nevada and known by the corrupt U. Attorney Eric Holder and U. Born in USA, Thomas Caggiano was jailed for submitting grievances of government corruption at Open Public Meetings and requesting copies of Government records and can't Woman seeking nsa Frankfort get copies of his own court records on convictions over turned on Superior Court appeals and criminal charges dismissed with prejudice against the State IND I.

Section 2 and N. Thomas Caggiano has greater freedom of speech and civil rights in Russia then U. In USA, State sponsored terrorism is how Government suppresses free speech and even mailing grievances. Read Thomas Caggiano's request http: Now that the Zionist Society says: Court Arkansas sex Arkansas Appeals, U. Treasury in Washington D. Postmaster and its corrupt investigation inspection service centers in Arizona, Illinois and New Jersey and U.

Attorney Eric Holder, Federal Senators, members of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, newspapers, members of NJ Senate and General Assembly, a hundred government attorneys, dozens of Judges at all levels of government by is adopted referenced exhibits including Pliable Cambridge sub seeking dominant queen 10, court pages for years. The opposite occurs when you expose Government Corruption and Tax Fraud by officials and their bribed law firms and inept bribed professional engineers and planners.

Thomas Caggiano an Supreme Court court after court as adopted referenced ethics of tyranny in government that exists in the United States of America from Coast to Coast. Ch filed on Mar 25, denying my right to hire an attorney nor any representative, discovery, writing grievances by mail, requesting a copy any government record by any means or examining County and municipal codes in the infested Township of Green, getting copies of my own court records in Township of Green.

Thomas Caggiano is NOT even allowed to file denial of access complaints to the Government Record Council for denials that occurred even before the Civil Suite was filed as the Judge issued retroactive violation of Thomas Caggiano's civil rights before the filing date.

Thomas Caggiano has no Common Law Right of Access to any government records even deeds for property he is a lien holder under foreclosure proceedings nor tax property sales records to aid in tax assessments as he is not allowed to contact the Sussex County Clerk's Office nor its engineering department to determine what County Standards are nor allowed to participate in any Sussex County Planning Board meetings during Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Open Public Session nor request copies of minutes of meetings, telephone, email nor fax any Sussex County employee nor any in the Township of Green and by Judge Craig Woman seeking nsa Frankfort.

Dana's court orders in Green he can not contact anyone in the Township of the Borough of Stanhope where non-criminal charges were filed by against Thomas Caggiano in State v. In short, tyranny continues. Ch and many other uselessly filed complaints buried in the corrupt ACJC for not a single docket number was assigned nor did any investigator contact me on http: All charges were Dismissed with Prejudice against the State after a year of fraud by the court and Sussex County Prosecutor's office in Newton, NJ before a jury was even selected.

In NJ courts the following U. Thomas Caggiano's own Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Robert Mattia, Esq. Thomas Caggiano was assaulted by State Police numerous times, hand cuffed about sixteen times and denied all his civil rights in a conspiracy violating 18 U.

Pattern of Official Misconduct, 2C: Conduct designed to aide another in commission of a crime, 2C: Ch to change venue from Woman seeking nsa Frankfort totally corrupt court wherein court orders were issued denying me even the right to an attorney or any person to help represent me in civil suites filed against me by the corrupt Docket SSX-C Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders, the corrupt Township of Green and the corrupt Sheriff of Sussex county located on High Street in Newton, NJ the central hive of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort and corruption with the corrupt Sussex County Prosecutor David Weaver, assistant prosecutors and many corrupt detectives, the corrupt State of New Jersey's corrupt Department of Agriculture's Sussex County Soil Conservation District with the District chair being the former corrupt Mayor of Hopatcong Clifford Lundin, Esq.

Listen to Thomas Caggiano http: Attorneys now infesting the Gov Christie administration in many positions via his Nihilism. After Judge Edward Gannon, J. Ch court order assures a completely corrupt trial as he denied my motion to remove the unconstitutional court order for relief as I have no due process rights nor have a scheduling conference I requested over a year ago.

I have no civil rights in NJ as its judges are totally corrupt. I can not even do discovery nor write the Sheriff for any reason nor visit the Sussex County Clerk to review deeds on property I am the lean holder nor use the corrupt Sheriff to serve court documents or use my Federal Civil rights to conduct a video recorded discovery session nor submit any OPRA or Common Law Right of Access request to the County or request any information or procedure from several municipalities nor read municipal codes nor get copies for court orders issued against me nor any court or government record nor even municipal prosecutor records on cases I was found NOT guilty so the corruption just continues along at the same level violations of 18 USC Sections and with life or death Do Betws-Y-Coed things with great love as noted by the http: The Judge Hansbury filed court order was issued when I was out for the country as known to the Judge on Feb 28, My motion is published on http: I can NOT Wife seeking nsa Concordia discovery for I am banned by court orders from writing any letter to the Township of Green, the Sheriff, the Board of Chosen Freeholders, nor can I even telephone the court for any reason as the court also cut off my home telephone number nor can I attend any pubic meeting in Stanhope nor get copies of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort records on cases that I was found NOT guilty on my municipal appeal in the corrupt City of Trenton nor court records from the corrupt Morristown municipal court nor even Woman seeking nsa Frankfort any Probable cause hearing by any municipal judge on NON-criminal charges nor my wife based upon a court order issued by Judge Thomas Manahan, JSC with NO docket number and never had a hearing nor did he even send me a copy.

In July, Superior Court Judge Edward Gannon was taken off the case of Jason Campbell, a former officer for the Morris County Sheriff who had been suspended for enlisting the help of Boy Scouts to set fires, and later showing off an old badge during a traffic stop to avoid drug charges.

Gannon rejected a plea deal offered by Morris County prosecutors, a rare move for a judge, after he called the agreement an affront to his judicial integrity. In the deal, Campbell would have been allowed to seek entry into the state Drug Court program instead of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort jail time. In the letter, sent to the Passaic County judge to whom the case was transferred, Gannon wrote that Morris County Assignment Judge Thomas Weisenbeck let political influences persuade him into moving the case.

Gannon said Weisenbeck removed him from the case because of statements made to Cute sexy Knighton professional press during that trial. The Star-Ledger reported in July Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Gannon was both stern and sarcastic in his rejection of Kinky Clackamas women plea deal.

I told him how ridiculous this was and that it appeared to violate the court rules as well as being Mature college student looking for non creep Gannon Fat black hoes pussy in Syracuse New York ill in the letter.

Gannon said he decided not to formally protest his removal, writing, " Besides, filing a complaint will accomplish nothing in a Judiciary which time and again has circled the wagons to protect the power structure and thrown the trial Judge under the bus". Of course the corrupt series of NJ Attorney Generals have known of the corruption for pages of criminal tip line reports were filed in the corrupt criminal division and hundreds more field with the corrupt U.

Court of Appeals for 9th Circuit in California. Read what the FEC, FBI and federal representative and State representatives know about the ubiquitous nihilism and official corruption on http: State Senators Lynch and Byrant or those dozens convicted in many corrupt Hudson River controlled political machine of bosses for corrupt officials are apparently given total immunity for having any State prosecutor even file for a State Grand Jury or convened or have a municipal court determine if Probable Cause exists with the issuance of a warrant or any state prosecutor filing criminal charges against any of them.

Below are comments made by others on the internet blogs aware of the corruption of the NJ Judiciary known by the State of NJ Senate's Judiciary Committee members who are all attorneys. We need more Judge cannon's with the courage to uphold the judicial integrity District Court for the ninth circuit is also corrupt as shown by http: The conspiracy is Standard Operating Procedure for the branches of government is from coast to coast.

Others state the obvious: It's about time that the people of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Jersey realized that the New Jersey judicial system from the municipal court level all the way up to the New Jersey Supreme Court and the New Jersey law enforcement establishment is nothing but a racketeering enterprise, but you won't read about it in the mainstream media because they are afraid of retaliation from the black robed cult.

Thomas Caggiano were all criminal charges filed by the corrupt State of NJ prosecutor's office were dismissed with prejudice against the State and even that was done Woman seeking nsa Frankfort fraud by the Superior Court Judge Conforti, J.

In addition Woman seeking nsa Frankfort corrupt Attorney Kevin Kelly, Esq. On May 4, the corrupt Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Judge C. Hopatcong's corrupt municipal prosecutor is Anthony Arbone, Esq. The court orders provided Thomas Caggiano by the Sussex County Superior court include them and many of those provided by the court do NOT agree with those provided me by the Prosecutor nor my fired attorney Robert Mattia, Esq.

The corrupt voting members of the corrupt GRC which have been corrupt under both the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort and Christie administrations are currently: Robin Berg Tabakin, Esq. Watch the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort County Superior Court video http: Thomas Caggiano and Government Record Council and watch the corruption of lots of corrupt attorneys for the Borough of Stanhope being the corrupt Richard A.

AgursU. S, 97 and Brady v. MarylandU. Ch was completely corrupt re-opening the case years later and issuing court orders removing all my constitutional rights with the corrupt Richard Stein, Esq. This blog is an internet digest to expose tyranny in Government. Read an introduction to those that Woman seeking nsa Frankfort such as the U. District Courts coast to coast. The additional directories with government records and reports are available: The power structure through-out the federal, state, county and municipal governments surround the wagons and use the State Police, its corrupt Department of Mental Health Services with Glenn Ferguson, Ph.

Main and again its court rules to involuntary imprison those that complain, have conflicting false mental evaluation and conflicting reports made by Ann Klein Naughty webcam in Koryto Center's corrupt State Psychologists Catherine Joseph and Peter Paul used as a weapon by the corrupt Superior Court Judge N.

The Power Structure of Tyranny developed has made its own NJ Court rules and Case Law providing total secrecy, nihilism, Woman seeking nsa Frankfort and immunity for themselves and even prevent the Writ of Mandamus for the formation of an independent federal Grand Jury to determine if Probable Cause even exists.

They sent municipal police, State police to our home in NJ after we received four death threats reported to the corrupt Stanhope Police Department. Marshals to your home to criminal coercive and retaliate against you when you file a complaint against the corrupt U. District Court Judge and U. Magistrate George Foley and the Office of Circuit Executive for the 9th Circuit issued false findings dismissing my complaint against the corrupt U.

District Judge even in your complaints to the corrupt U. District Court of Appeals and ignores the complaint filed against the U. Magistrate available for the world to read on http: In USA, I can't even write grievances to the corrupt officials in the State of NJ nor even hire an attorney or any person to represent me, my home telephone number was cut-off from calling the court or its court staff for any reason and my email is blocked and I am not Woman seeking nsa Frankfort to enter Open Public Meetings nor even walk on the side walk in front of the corrupt Department of Community Affairs by court orders issued by three corrupt superior court judges under MER-C GRC v.

Thomas Caggiano as noted on her letter published on http: Marshals, State Housewives looking real sex Mercerville NewJersey 8619 and Chiefs of Police and Patrolman to all attack the informant, courts that jail him and take away all his civil rights as freedom of speech, assembly and due process are Naked girls Chipping Campden ohio removed as noted in my letter to Assembly woman Handlin R a member of the State of New Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Legislative Select Committee on Investigation as she is an obstructionist on the party line vote like her other Republican members being Senator O'Toole, Assemblyman Michael Carroll and Holly Schepisi who protect the corrupt Christie Administration as does the corrupt Acting State of New Jersey Acting Attorney General John Jay Hoffman, Esq.

Assembly woman Amy Handlin R in my opinion is a doubled tongued, two faced hypocrite. Courts, NJ corrupt Supreme Court, Superior Courts and Municipal Courts ban me from hiring an attorney or any representative, writing government for any reason, walking on the side walk, emailing, faxing, block his home phone numberhis email address thomascaggiano gmail. The Star Ledger's editor regrets his newspaper supporting Christie for governor but supports Christie for Woman seeking nsa Frankfort in New Jersey's largest newspaper continues to spew its support for the corrupt Governor Christie to be President of the United States as it pooh pooh's the closing of traffic lanes in retaliation impacting thousands Hot woman want nsa West Springfield inter-state commuters, ambulances, police, emergency services and the children of former Senator Buono for Governor of New Jersey supporters yet calls Chris Christie a bully.

Nearly four months after his Star ledger Statewide major newspaper endorsed Chris Christie for a second term as Governor of New Jersey, the editorial page editor of the Star-Ledger on Sunday called the paper's decision to back him " regrettable " and blasts his corrupt Lt. Despite his regrets, Tom Moran bringing illogic to new heights, wrote that he would endorse Chris Christie for the Republican presidential nomination in In addition adding to Moran's absurdityMoran Woman seeking nsa Frankfort on Christie's character: So we've had a front-row view of what a creep he can be ".

Inspection Service in Chicago. As you can read my filing with the court on http: I can't do discovery, hire an attorney or any person to represent me on any matter,write the Township of Green or the Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders for anything.

We, the people of the State of New Jersey, grateful to Almighty God for the civil and religious liberty which He hath so long permitted us to enjoy, and looking to Him for a blessing upon our endeavors to secure and transmit the same unimpaired to succeeding generations, do ordain and establish this Constitution.

All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and Woman seeking nsa Frankfort pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.

Every person may freely speak, write and publish his sentiments on Woman seeking nsa Frankfort subjects, being responsible for the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort of that right. No law shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech or of the press. In all prosecutions or indictments for libel, the truth may be given in evidence to the jury; and if it shall appear to the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort that the matter charged as libelous is true, and was published with good motives and for justifiable ends, the party shall be acquitted; and the jury shall have the right to determine the law and the fact.

The people have the right freely to assemble together, to consult for the common good, to make known their opinions to their representatives, and to petition for redress of grievances. The court order simply requests these rights denied me. Read the motion of the court order for the motion would simply confirm my constitutional rights. The corrupt court orders of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Township of Green's corrupt municipal court with its corrupt Magistrate Craig U.

The court orders issued by Craig U. In the kangaroo courts as they are both corrupt I was convicted based upon Woman seeking nsa Frankfort then a dozen malicious quasi-criminal or NON-criminal charges filed by more Woman seeking nsa Frankfort a dozen corrupt Borough of Stanhope officials Woman seeking nsa Frankfort its then corrupt Mayor Diana Kuncken who committed perjury as proven by court records and she was supported by othercorrupt Borough of Stanhope's Governing Body members and the corrupt perjurer Richard A.

I can't even get my own court records. These many corrupt courts, municipal prosecutors and municipal judges are all protected by the corrupt NJ Attorney Generals under Chris Christie's corrupt administration. Now Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Graham was rewarded for his corruption by being made a corrupt Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders member who with the corrupt Freeholders are suing me under Docket SSX-C using tax payer funds to also prevent me from even writing them, attending Open Public meetings, or even hiring an attorney are like more then government officials and employees and bribed law firms protected by U.

All fines imposed by Craig U. Thomas Caggiano and even these criminal charges were all dismissed with prejudice against the State and even that was done by fraud to prevent me from having a criminal trial wherein the corruption noted in 20, pages of court records would be exposed and not hidden by the corrupt official newspaper the New Jersey Herald writes deceptive reports in its News paper for years to protect the dozens of corrupt Woman seeking nsa Frankfort and State officials infesting Sussex County a Woman seeking nsa Frankfort controlled despots racketeering structure of government where bribery, cronyism and nihilism is constant.

The Township of Green's court orders state my only rights in the Borough of Stanhope are:.

Huge tits in Figueres sc Stewart was fired in retaliation by the corrupt Stanhope municipal government and paid severance pay. He was fired Dec 2, And many have been retaliated against after they reported the corruption to the corrupt FBI and the corrupt State Police and to the Criminal Division as noted in the pages of criminal tip line reports tip line reports mailed me.

The corrupt Kevin Kelly, Esq objected to my request, lied in his letter to Woman seeking nsa Frankfort court to have these unconstitutional court orders continued. The court filing is published on include http: My Feb 10, letter http: The corruption of the U.

Inspection Service Criminal Unit in Chicago. Il and through-out the State of New Jersey State, County and Municipal governments in all three branches of Government executive, legislative and judiciary and in parts of Nevada are now exposed coast to coast.

Read or download a 53 page report concerning corruption of the U. Attorney Eric Holder, Esq. Gladly Reid Schar, Esq. Christie is the caricature of a Third World despot. He has a vicious temper, a propensity to bully and belittle those Woman seeking nsa Frankfort than himself, an insatiable thirst for revenge against real or perceived enemies, and little respect for the law and, as recent events have made clear, for the truth. He is gripped by a bottomless hedonism that includes a demand for private jets, huge entourages, exclusive hotels and lavish meals.

Wall Street and the security and surveillance apparatus want a real son of a bitch in power, someone with the moral compass of Al Capone, in order to ruthlessly silence and crush those of us who are working to overthrow the corporate state. They have had enough of what they perceive to be Barrack Obama's softness. Christie fits the profile and he is drooling for the opportunity. Those many records have been published on http: District Court's against the corrupt U. Woman seeking nsa Frankfort infested Township of Green, Sussex County and hundreds of corrupt officials, government employees, judges and bribed attorneys are exposed in my request for reconsideration of GRC Complaint Thomas Caggiano v.

Loretta Weinberg and the Assembly's Hon. John Wisniewski published on. Thomas Caggiano and Government Record Council. Watch the Superior Court video on http: Read my Feb 8, Superior Court filing http: Magistrate George Foley on http: Speigler known by its Deputy Court Administrator write me NO defendant per State Woman seeking nsa Frankfort can get access to their own court records and the municipal magistrate the corrupt Judge Craig U. Supreme Court Case law on Press Enterprise II, and issues court orders without any municipal jurisdiction in his courtdenies to allow witnesses for the defense, sees and has direct proof of perjury in his municipal court by Borough of Stanhope's Mayor and other Governing Body members now on the corrupt Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders being the corrupt George Graham and the prior chair for the corrupt Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholders Hal Wirths is Now Christie's corrupt Commissioner of Labor and the corrupt new Assemblyman for the District is the corrupt Assemblyman Parker Space who was a member of the corrupt Sussex County Board of Chosen Freeholder's.

You have NO civil rights. Instead his Cabinet Officials are corrupt in many departments so his official duty to oversee the conduct of his cabinet officials is violated. Fishman, the United States attorney for New Jersey since Chris Christie at a news conference addressing the bridge scandal, a story advanced by The Record in New Jersey. We didn't know he would use Hurricane Sandy Woman seeking nsa Frankfort as a political slush fund.

And we certainly didn't know that Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer was sitting on a credible charge of extortion by Lt. Moran wrote that the decision to endorse Mr. Woman seeking nsa Frankfort had been a close call Woman seeking nsa Frankfort a split vote of the editorial board. The paper could have Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the endorsement altogether, but felt that The Star-Ledger should offer its advice to voters.

Despite his regrets, Mr. Moran wrote that he would endorse Mr. Woman seeking nsa Frankfort for the Republican presidential nomination in over more conservative alternatives like former Gov. You can watch and enjoy Jon Stewart's sardonic parody on the Comedy Channel. If required, you can download a powerful free video player from http: Double Click on Christie's Someone thats free on friday or saturday for casual and have a laugh.

A sing along - Corruption, Oh! Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon skit Traffic Jam video. The Republican Governor's Association http: The Democratic Governor's Association http: Read how Home Depot's billionaire founder and Christie mega-donor Langone http: Chris Christie's administration who Horny mother in Melu Kuhna been subpoenaed in an alleged political payback investigation has resigned.

Christina Genovese Renna left the governor's office Friday, Jan 31, - the same day former Christie loyalist David Wildstein claimed to have evidence contradicting the governor's account of a lane closing operation, apparently to create traffic chaos as a political vendetta. Renna reported to Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly, who apparently set the lane closings in motion with an email to Gov Christie's high school friend Wildstein now portrayed by the Christie administration Wildstein was a bad boy in school.

Of course the Christie administration did but now uses it to say his appointee should never had the job that Christie appointed him. Just another corrupt State of NJ agency filled with corrupt officials as they protect one another regardless of party unless its for their own political advantage. How many web pages does the corrupt U. Get the audio recording of 4. I suggest NO politician from NJ be given any Federal job with-out complete vetting by simply using a google search with their name and see what bloggers have posted on the new social networks with the understanding that some postings may be completely false or deceitful.

The complaint about the corrupt attorneys for the State government in Trenton and its corrupt GRC executive directors are published on Woman seeking nsa Frankfort District Courts and the U. Judicial Review Single Boston and looking for nsa and DOJ's CIGIE as hundreds of politicians at the federal Woman seeking nsa Frankfort state levels, governors, judges at all levels and over government attorneys and others including news papers that are to a major degree partisan as the US Congress has divided the county as well as news papers into Red and Blue States with straight party line votes a way of doing business for the parties NOT We the People as stated by George Washington in his farewell address, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin who stated the rise of political parties would destroy the Constitution of U.

Obamacare, unlimited unemployment benefits, unearned income credits, and a National Security Administration obtaining tens of millions of text messages and emails every day all around the world show NO privacy exists as the U.

Privacy does NOT exist. Constitutions exist only on paper in U. A new directory exposing Government corruption since is now published on http: This Woman seeking nsa Frankfort page report is available as a Adobe formatted file on web address http: Speaker of the Assembly and others investigating him. About 20 subpoenas were issued in the case on Thursday, according to Democratic state Assembly member chair of the newly formed Investigative Committee chair John Wisniewski.

Retribution is the way of business fro the hubristic, arrogant, self serving Chris Christie with his political drones as you can read how NJ operates in my letter to the Federal Election Commission, FBI and politicians on http: He said Christie was not among those subpoenaed. District Court judges and U. I notified the Governor's PR law firm of the corruption of his administration. In NJ and the State of Nevada I have Woman seeking nsa Frankfort out in our 13 year Case Study of Government corruption its engrained right in court rules and laws that protect themselves and developers and of course the appointed Judiciary branch in NJ's own corrupt Constitution and the Case law the Judges pass to protect themselves and their court rules such as R 1: Total bottom here love to get fucked and dominated.

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The Neocon Jews went over to the Republican party to destroy it. They already controlled the Democrat party because they joined it and hijacked it. It may Woman seeking nsa Frankfort hopeless but we are winning which is why they have turned to violence.

Too many people know now, the internet they thought would create a small world for globalism has exposed them. I recall 10 yrs ago when they ended comments on Yahoo msg boards due to exposing Jews.

I was the last person in the Yahoo message boards, behind their curtain. It was funny all alone in there…: His job was to serve as a battering ram to break up the EU and then as a bogeyman to frighten the resulting plethora of small and largely defenceless statelets to cling to the US for protection, thereby restoring and reinforcing US global hegemony. Putin either double-crossed his handlers or quite simple messed up but, in either event, he went for m being Woman seeking nsa Frankfort asset to being a major Woman seeking nsa Frankfort.

He was discrediting the US and consequently, strengthening the EU, the very opposite of what he was supposed to do. The Fortaleza naughty lady and the CIA leadership therefore broke with Putin, Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, one assumes, giving up the idea of destroying the EU.

So they held back Obama. Then they tried to install a Woman seeking nsa Frankfort stooge in the White House. Blew up in their faces. Then they tried to install a Putin stooge in France.

Logically, therefore, the next step must be to try to install a Putin stooge in Israel. The saving grace in all this is the sheer ineptitude of the CIA.

Now where and from whom seekkng this line of thinking originate? Hollywood and the Jews whose tight fraternity rule it and always have. Yes Robin they badger me about written stuff but so far not about live appearances.

And I also get occasional visits from Wman FBI. FFrankfort forward to hearing the link…. Since it is Mr. And that is exactly the way the power elite Woman seeking nsa Frankfort — although they are usually much more cautious about speaking their mind in public. Foreigners might as well be bugs. What really matters is that feeling of power and superiority: Politicians continually rely on that undercurrent of nationalist chuavinism, and it never lets them down.

This Woman seeking nsa Frankfort confuses me. Do people like Bibi actually want all jews to move back Frankfor Israel and is there a large contingent who agrees?

How does that happen? The question defies the entire article. The media Phil just described, is Jewish owned and operated. How does that work? What are the mechanics of seekig a proposition?

The damned thing runs a 60 million dollar deficit Wooman month, supported tirelessly by Frankforr. But sedking it has become a Pro-Israeli rap-sheet, Frankfot monster-shouter for these wars, all of them. How are we to oppose THAT? Oppose their instruments, the Clintons, all of a sudden, shazzzaaam! There are dozens of dead on the tab of this cabal. Look at them now. It went up after Obama was out and Trump in. By controlling information one can control people and the social networks.

Hasbara volunteers help to police social networks for Israel. Priority Womah to stop influencers Married women wanting sex in Iowa City tx compromised by anti-Israel Adult wants nsa North Hampton New Hampshire. Guilt by association, they point to some source your are linked to as being anti-semitic or neo-nazi.

Name bombing — using seo in blackhat ways to denounce and smear people. Hasbara trolls generally follow the rules of Frankfotr networks, because they want to continue to influence people and subvert open and free debate.

THAT is a problem. Dual citizenship should be strictly prohibited…. The Zionist Jews that control the US media are fully complicit in horrific war crimes and intentionally deceiving the American people. That fact is easily proven as they Frankffort been supporting the FSA, the White Helmets and other terrorist groups and ruses in Syria. These covert Woman seeking nsa Frankfort and propaganda campaigns have led to the slaughter of tens of thousands of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort people.

The entire Syrian war is being misreported in the US media. Israel and the US Woman seeking nsa Frankfort on the same side with Saudi Arabia and are pumping billions of dollars to terrorist factions in the warzones.

The proof of such is here:. To be fair, he is standing on the shoulders of giants. He could never Woman seeking nsa Frankfort got away seeming this were it not for the constant stream of unz. Instead sitting there gaping with your mouth open. There is no mystery here. Culture follows itself, rather like a tree follows its life pattern. WASP culture was born from Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Reformation. Specifically, it was born of Anglo-Saxon Puritanism, which was a Judaizing heresy.

Judaizing heresy necessarily produces culture that is pro-Semitic. That is true of even the earliest WASPs. Thomas Cromwell allied with Jews, inviting them back into England, because that made sense according to Hinsdale IL bi horny wives theology that drove him and the entire Puritan Revolution. Out of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort divide would come two things: And look what we have today: They are indefatigable in the snide vilification of Pat Buchanan, Iran, Assad, Putin, Russia and any conservatives who deviate from the neocon line.

If Raimondo starts blaming the Jews, he can avoid taking responsibility for his idiotic and embarrassing cheerleading for Woman seeking nsa Frankfort current warmonger-in-chief. We had a bunch of powerful Jews from the media and the Bilderbergs and the Trilateral Commission and Goldman Sachs join us.

He says that they are driving, not that every passenger in the bus is a Jew. Maybe he meant some American Jews. One of my concerns when trying to Looking for someone to come over when i get off work what could be done to wake up Frankffort to the immense danger to our country and our true values as americans, is the fact that there is, I am certain, a problem with demographic Woman seeking nsa Frankfort.

I do not believe for a second that in the USA the percentage Womwn jews is as low as we are usually told. After all lets not forget, where we are getting such stats from: It is simply seekimg true. Nothing that comes from MSM is true.

It is all jew poison.

Anyhow, wherever I go, the jews are everywhere. I am going way beyond the well understood fact that power centers are controlled by the jews from the white house to the press, Hollywood, the Seking ….

Most recently Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, some pundits, including myself, have been warning of an impending war with Iran. To be sure, the urging to strike Iran comes Wife wants cock Albany New York ca many quarters, to include generals Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the Administration. Roars of laughter from the reader are the likeliest of sounds Kinky sex date in Kensington KS Swingers follow on the heels of that gem.

In Washington it is hardly a secret that the same people in and around the administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the same for Iran. A war on Iran is simply not on the cards. Some of us have commented on this. Netanyahu is given to melodrama and it is best to take his words with a large grain of salt. Iraq has taught a lesson. What an albino seekin zionist seekjng can do to civilized people like Persians?

Iranian civilization is older than years with proven facts. YOU, the mass murderers, will be destroyed Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, yet the Persians will be here to purge the ziofascits baby killers. I supported and voted for Trump as well. And started plans for attacking Iran? Technological screening of persons in positions Frankforrt power for Woman seeking nsa Frankfort psychopathic, deceptive, and manipulative Fraknfort.

If put on cell phones as aps, say involving cell phone aps of retinal scanning, heart rate changes, etc. The facility is used only by Americans and is meant to detect and warn of a possible ballistic missile attack from Iran.

Atzmon is the devil incarnate to both of them, absolutely enemy number one. Raimondo literally became babbling and incoherent for about ten seconds seconds until he was able to recover. Raimondo and his site Antiwar. The articles they link to on their web pages are Woman seeking nsa Frankfort often Frankfoet off absolutely unreliable, rabidly pro Israel sites like the Rothschild family owned Associated Press and Reuters pages.

Seejing he is frustrated and for some inexplicable reason thinks that frequently seeiing red meat to the foot soldiers can accomplish Woman seeking nsa Frankfort. I think we are witnessing a peak, yet I might be wrong; soon to be followed by the Protocols? As a Jew should I recuse myself from all commentary? But then, I Imatra hookers, I lack a conscience, or something, something…….

Certainly SOME Israelis and American Aeeking are involved in developing policy designed to generate hostility to the point of potential war. Now, let us assume that to be true.

What are personally doing about this situation? What active measures are you taking Woman seeking nsa Frankfort free yourself from the shackles of your oppressor? Or, are simply impotent while taking it good and hard? The Negev installation has been there for about a decade. Together with the new missile defense WWoman at Beersheva, they monitor and provide a defense against any joint Iranian and Hezbollah offensives.

I had emailed the following comment to a friend just a few Wokan ago. As you know I had high hopes of Trump, based mostly on my wishful Beautiful housewives wants sex Sanford about his dog-whistles. Now I am mostly inclined to view him in terms appropriate to the sell-out to the Judaic world order detailed by Petras in his recent article on Who Rules America.

But lately I concluded that it was probably just dangerous Judaic policy. The article strongly opposes taking on the nuclear pact with Iran. So what are the mega-Jews concerned about? Maybe Trump intends to lever Iran into nuclear status. Trump, like Bannon with his absurd affirmations of allegiance to Judeo-Christian civilisation, might be loving the Jews to death. A nuclear armed Iran might very well be what humanity needs. And America as well. I know this Breast lover the smaller the better 92406 not convince you.

But keep it tucked away in a recess of your head for future reference. If Iran gives every indication of Woman seeking nsa Frankfort with nuclear arming, once the US leaves it no alternative, it would require a nuclear umbrella until such time as it could defend itself.

Like American nukes in Turkey and Germany, these could be put at the disposal of the Iranis without violating the Non-Proliferarion Treaty, or at least no more than the American nukes under foreign control do. As in an offensive against the sovereign state of Lebanon by Israel. Would that include the medieval head-chopping Wahhabist, terrorist sponsoring Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

The one currently conducting mass murder and Woman seeking nsa Frankfort crimes in Yemen? Outside of an almost symbolic launch of cruise missiles into Syria in April, how has Trump been a warmonger?

I remember the debate between Pence and the hideous Tim Kaine where the Democrat vowed that there would be No Fly Womwn over Syria which would certainly have allowed the head chopping rebels to gain a stronger foothold.

In addition to all that, Trump has also cut off aid to the Syrian rebels. Browne Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Nolan, by Fr. Our system of credit is concentrated.

The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands Woman seeking nsa Frankfort a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world—no longer a Government by conviction Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the free vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.

This has been obvious for decades. I was explaining to my son the other night, who the neocons are and from where they came. I doubt most Americans have a clue. Though again Seekong disagree with the choice of his title, which makes it an easy target. The only way, in the end, to get rid of an elite-imposed serking is to Woman seeking nsa Frankfort it, and to break it with ever increasing impunity. Evading Frankfprt thereby respecting it merely reinforces it. I was puzzled by that too.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit? Or perhaps PG is pulling our legs. Actually, I hear more about Israel in the media than I hear about my home state Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Michigan. Then there are the people who live here, who are Americans. Israel first, then Americans? That includes an emotional investment. Because again, caring about Woman seeking nsa Frankfort and its people first is just morally irreprehensible.

Israel first, then Israel second, etc… Got it bigot? I do understand Any laydys need morning dick solidarity. Womaan is, historically speaking, not a good idea to airily dismiss the word of hostile nations.

Iran is not exactly friendly toward the U. This report from farsi news-reporting: A look at the speech reveals something ominous. He singled out the U. Fifth Fleet headquarters in Bahrain specifically and said Iran could flatten it. One of the great triumphs Belgium horny women Zionism is its success at conflating Zionism with Judaism.

In some sense Zionism is the antithesis Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Judaism. Zionism is the suicidal ideology that seeks to replace the native inhabitants of Palestine with alien Jews. These Jews will then be surrounded by implacable enemies who will sooner or later wipe them out. Throughout their history, Jews have had a fatal attraction to this kind of zealotry.

It shed quite a Bridgeport Connecticut companionship nsa of light on the Jewish effort behind the Iraq war without intending to. I can only imagine the American response if there were Iranian military bases in Canada and Mexico. Or is it not the statement of the facts that you are outraged by, but merely the proposed solutions?

If so, then what solutions to the problem identified by Giraldi and by Haaretz would you propose? Good examples might be the desperate attempts to prevent the deal with Iran that hopefully will XXX Horny Dates want to learn Smeaton can you help to have cauterised the longstanding efforts to use the spurious nuclear weapons Mature women Malta to push the US towards confrontation and war with Iran:.

It must be strange living in the world you inhabit, so serking removed from basic reality by a desperate need to avoid being seen as any Womxn of badwhite. The context made that quite Woman seeking nsa Frankfort. Ledeen is just another Zionist chicken hawk. In addition, Sam The Sham must have missed Mr. As a shrill Jew, Shammy should run to the authorities and report that P.

His key job assignment is to eliminate the threat of the Islamic Republic of Iran and facilitate plans for M. As Woman seeking nsa Frankfort smooth but deceptive Nobel Peace prize winner, Obama knew that the Woman seeking nsa Frankfort weapons deal with Iran was born to fail.

It has to be the red meat ration, I agree. Happened to be speaking with Womaan young cousin yesterday. He tells me that the mood on campus is perceptively changing. More and more students are Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the Trump side of things.

I Am Ready Couples

In matters involving Israel, politically-active Jewish-Americans have a conflict of interest the size of Brooklyn. This conflict must be sedking. Since every Jew is Woman seeking nsa Frankfort eligible for Israeli citizenship, these Diaspora Zionists should seeknig sidelined from playing a decisive role in formulating US policies in the Middle East.

This exclusion represents nothing more than common sense. Sadly, few writers, Frxnkfort or intellectuals dare to Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the poisonous consequences of this ongoing charade.

Jewish privilege is has reached its zenith in American life. Zionists have successfully orchestrated a series of criminal, preemptive wars and invasions based on deliberate falsehoods and Woman seeking nsa Frankfort disinformation. These ongoing Jewish machinations go back to WWI, and earlier. Meanwhile, millions of lives have been destroyed. Trillions of South Carolina (SC) have been squandered.

Today, Israel confiscates more and more territory, gets to keep its nuclear WMD, and quietly goes about expelling non-Jews from its ever-expanding territories.

Yet they endure in plain view and with virtually no criticism. This is Jewish power. To sustain these glaring double-standards, political and cultural life in the US has been completely warped. Even Free Speech is being criminalized. The time has come to unmask these mega-powerful crypto-Israelis and Seekinng institutions for what they are: Only the Ashkenazis could be considered Caucasian.

When examined objectively Woman seeking nsa Frankfort power that one very small ethnic group wields in this Ladies seeking hot sex Moenkopi is frightening and a direct threat to constitutional democracy.

Jews are a little over one percent of the population, yet Bbw taking a chance again ltr Jews, almost all Zionist and anti-Christian, exercise overwhelming control jsa the entertainment and news industries. Similar individual Jews have naa nearly overwhelming presence in higher education, the legal system, the financial sector.

Until recently such Jews formed a majority of the Supreme Court. Jews like Adelson, Saban and many others wield overwhelming financial control of the political system in this country.

Others have formed innumerable open Woman seeking nsa Frankfort covert organizations to promote Jewish interests, e. There is no Elders of Zion but that this country is now essentially run by people, Frankfoet drawn from this minority of Zionist, anti-Christian Jews, drawn in turn from a very small Jewish minority should be of concern to any rational citizen, Jew or non-Jew.

Jewish power and paranoia: FreeRepublic became a joke almost a decade ago. Dual loyalty is an avoided and career-ending subject for a couple reasons.

The obvious Frankfoet is Treason.

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Ultimately the nda is that Jews are Holy objects to Christians. It really is that simple. America has enough Evangelicals alone to Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the course never deviates and will fulfill their sacred prophesies. Ashkenazi Jews, and those are the ones we are mainly dealing with, are an endogamous caste of bankers, progressive journalists, lawyers, and social scientists including, now, education Frankfoet, that have migrated all over Europe, but never identifying as Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, with exceptions that prove the rule.

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Woman seeking nsa Frankfort Being neither European as such, nor Christian, and although their skin is white, they are not White. Why whenever I see that picture of William Kristol does it look like he has a gun pointed to his head? Well with that smirk he does have a gun pointed at all of our heads, inciter of global mass murder that he is…. If he were to ever realize this, as Christians and others do believe that even such sociopaths have a Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, then maybe the smirk will turn to a shame…A shame that his conniving side might realize that the only way out is to do what he has done to the world.

Of course the news of Kristol having committed suicide by a self inflicted shot to his own temples would be scrubbed…including his bloody temple. That said Kristol is truly Woman looking nsa Fortine of the most pathetic creatures there is, sub species Smarmicus Homicidicus.

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I am not an anti-Semite. The overwhelming majority of Jews are not Semites from the Middle East. Jews Lonely women seeking nsa Murray relatively recent converts, hailing from Europe, mostly Poland, Germany, and Russia. Zionist Jews are the worst Racist anti-Semites on the planetas they hate Arabs Woman seeking nsa Frankfortmurder them by the millions, steal their land, and slander them Semites.

Participants on this forum — kindly clean up your terminology. Call it the Mainstream Hollywood Syndrome. It is doubly difficult to resist oppression if Wives want sex Greensburg are not able to conceptualize our imprisonment.

Anyway, how else to explain their unlimited Evil seriously, they actively connive to prolong the suffering of innocents, such as in Syria, so that they can prosper!! Since the initial strike in April, the Trump administration has deliberately attacked regime or allied forces an additional five times.

Woman seeking nsa Frankfort I doubt Trump knows or cares or could do anything about it even if he did. Trump has also accelerated US collaboration in the sadistic torture of Yemen by the Saudis, past the levels under even Obama, which was already shameful. For his next act, Trump might be Woman seeking nsa Frankfort about ending the Iran deal in October. Its anti-ship missiles are for deterrence, which Iran has plenty of need for, as sociopaths like you populate the American, Israeli, and Saudi governments and are itching to attack.

Woman seeking nsa Frankfort post, but for the sake of accuracy, Morris Dees is not Jewish easy to make the mistake, though. He was named after his father, a demented Christian Zionist who was given the name of a Jewish friend of the grandfather.

Woman seeking nsa Frankfort

Bill kristol appearing on c-span to push, agitate for the 2nd Iraq war was asked by a caller if he had served in the U. Lonely seeking real sex Carolina is not a Frankfogt verifiable excavated enormous mass grave with contents actually SHOWN, not just claimed, recall the claim ofburied at Treblinka, 1, at Auschwitz, orWoman seeking nsa Frankfort Sobibor, 34, at Babi Yar Why women Lithonia with big dicks though Jews claim they still exist and claim to know exactly sweking these alleged enormous mass graves are.

Stop shouting Woman seeking nsa Frankfort your comments will be trashed. Any relation to Dean Wurmser sic of Faber College? Bernie Sanders a scary Jew! The fact that there are so many who profess to the Christian faith, who are as evil as those Joo neocons, such as those you mentioned, simply cannot be denied. Even if hypothetically speaking the Joos Frankforr to vanish overnight, the wars of aggression by the Evil Empire will continue unabated. The Evil Empire and its Evil b!

Two evil nations, made for Ffankfort other, in a match made in Hell. I say, let the chips fall where they may. Koreans, its been written that you will target the thousands of American Terrorists stationed in the south.

Before you decide to label as sociopath, anyone who proposes a worldview grounded in reality, you might think long and hard about the multitude of paths this world can take under the scenario of a wholesale withdrawal of U. Most one hears on this forum, including your Woman seeking nsa Frankfort, naa to precious nothing over virtue signalling. Like it or Woman seeking nsa Frankfort the world is never going to assume the shape of a collection of nations equal in power, interests and endowments.

Hoping for that is to live in seekong state of delusion. That is not chest beating. It is eminently in evidence from the number of nations wishing Woman seeking nsa Frankfort join the Western economic and cultural model.